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Zooey Deschanel and property brother Jonathan Scott just proved they’re still on cloud 9 with this little Instagram exchange – and we can’t help but swoon.

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On December 17, Deschanel posted a super cute holiday photo that gets us in the spirit of Christmas. She posted a picture of herself in a gorgeous green dress, surrounded by holiday decorations, looking as happy as can be. The caption read, in scandalous Deschanel style, “When are you going to stop obsessing over Christmas?!” I:”

Now, while many people were obsessed with this photo, more people lost because of how she lived it for two years property brother Jonathan Scott said in response to the photo.

It seems Deschanel’s gentle nature is exploding on Scott, since he responded to the post saying, “Are you ready to chase the mistletoe with me?” swoon cue!

Deschanel and Scott have been together since late 2019 and they still look like they’re on Cloud 9. Scott appears a lot on her Instagram, in this selfie from three weeks ago.

And don’t worry, they are just as popular on Instagram as well.

In an interview with the People per TODAY Show, Deschanel and Scott said they loved quarantine together. “Look at it this way, I’m stuck with someone I adore madly who is a great chef,” Scott said, adding that her risotto was “to die for.”

In another interview with the People per TODAY Show, Scott said about how much he cares about Deschanel, and how this is the first relationship in which he feels appreciated. “Finding out I’ve been in other relationships in the past, this was the first time I noticed all the love and effort and things I was doing were reciprocating and I was like ‘What? “So I guess I’ll stick with that.”

Seriously, how beautiful are these lovebirds? We say too.

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