You Can’t Miss Selena Gomez’s Hauntingly Beautiful New Back Tattoo

Selena Gomez just added a massive new piece of art to her tattoo collection, and it just might be her biggest piece yet. Unlike the hidden number “4” on her inner arm or the word “sunshine” written neatly on her right foot, her back tattoo is hard to miss. On December 15, New York City’s Bang Bang Tattoo shared a black and white photo of Gomez looking away from the camera with a black coat draped backwards across her body and her hair parted over her shoulders, revealing fresh ink. The image is blurred and so far from being anything tangible that it made fans flood the comment with one important question: What is it?

Current fan theories include a face and a dangling look and a dripping rose or heart, which would pair well with the uneven ink streaks dangling across its back. As far as we know, the subtle tattoo, which begins at the base of Gomez’s neck and extends about halfway down her back, is the 16th addition to her collection. Previous tattoos include a pair of prayer hands and rosary beads on her upper thigh and a biblical verse from Philippians 4:13 on her right hip, which may also prove a fan theory that her new tattoo is a bleeding or inflamed heart, a common symbol in Christianity that often represents pain and grief.

The tattoo also has fans guessing “darklena is coming,” aka it’s a hint at Gomez’s new musical era. We can’t be sure this is a clue for an upcoming album or that the “Look at Her Now” singer will be sharing details about her new ink anytime soon, but you can bet on the issue. Take a closer look at Gomez’s tattoo to see what it is about here.

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