You Can Still Love “Harry Potter” Without Supporting J.K. Rowling’s Anti-Trans Views — Here’s How

Second abbreviation: I think it’s a complicated debate, and I think about it a lot with J.K. Rowling. Thinking about it with Joss Whedon and Al Shahba and Marvel, and I think about it a lot with Mark Schwahn and One Tree HillAnd it’s like my favorite show of all time. So I definitely thought about it personally, and I think something I really liked was something Sophia Bush said about One Tree Hill. She talked about how she created Brooke Davis. She created and embodied that character, which is so much more than the words on the page he set and the atmosphere on set.

And I’m kind of thinking about how Daniel Radcliffe turned into Harry, took his part in that, and he’s so much bigger than her. And we may all have common ground in the work she created, but there are many other stories like “I met friends through Harry Potterand ‘I’ve gone to conferences and I’ve been sitting in a room talking about it. “You may have created the world, but the fan base goes much further than that.

So I’m definitely one of those things where I make a conscious decision not to buy an official Harry Potter Merch anymore. I’ll be buying T-shirts from local businesses on Etsy and from small businesses like that because those dollars go to the fans, not JK ​​Rowling. And like I already own all the books, there’s no need to buy books again. I don’t want her to gain anything else out of my love for her, but I still love her and am able to celebrate characters and fandoms created differently.

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