Yes, Atlanta United should bring back Yamil Asad

Let’s be honest here, I knew this post was coming.

As soon as news broke on Monday that DC United had decided not to exercise the option on Yamil Asad, this post was inevitable.

Before you send me mean comments and tweets, hear me out. Obviously things haven’t worked out with Yamil in the capital but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s not good enough to contribute to MLS. He proved during the 2017 season that he can play a vital role at this level. With the right combination, he pushes toward the starting point. I have no idea if Atlanta United’s 2022 squad will be the right kit for him, but at this point, it’s at least worth knowing, assuming he can be picked up at a reasonable salary.

We’ve talked a lot since the playoffs defeat in NYCFC, the team is very focused individually, especially in attack. For all his faults, the one thing Yamel cannot be accused of is being a selfish or individualistic player. He is a team player who does his best for the team. Bad tackles and questionable decisions aside, he’s the typical player you’d love if he was on your team and totally hate if he was on the other side. Atlanta fans have gotten to experience both and predictably feel each of those subtle feelings.

Another big problem with the Atlanta offensive is the lack of these dividing lines. While a big reason we see so few of these is that no one really does sprints well, Yamil definitely has this pass-picking trait in his closet. Another feather in his hat would be the familiarity he has with Joseph Martinez and the running he tends to do.

Bringing Leo back to Atlanta may be nostalgic, but behind the sentimental side, it makes sense on paper. Chemistry shouldn’t be an issue because he knows what to expect at the club already and he has players around him who knows and respects him. Although he is not the crucial piece DC United expected when they made so much of the change for him, he still manages to be a valuable deep player for a good team. And that’s really what this off-season is basically all about for Atlanta United, adding to the depth of the squad. Yamil will certainly do that, if it comes at a reasonable price for the MLS scene.

what you say? Would it be a good idea to bring Yamil Asad back to Atlanta? Let’s listen to this.


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