Wife of veteran who set himself on fire in Atlantic City says he needed more help for mental health issues | Local News

Yasmine Dellion talks about her husband and why he set himself on fire at a gas station in Atlantic City.

His wife said Friday that a Somers Point man fighting for his life after setting himself on fire last week is a US Army veteran undergoing treatment for mental health issues.

Chow Berry, 24, a father of three, has been under the care of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, but recent events have prompted him to seek more help, his wife, Jasmine Dillon, said. When he couldn’t get the extra treatment, she said, he got angry and depressed, soaked in rubbing alcohol outside a gas station in Atlantic City and set himself on fire.

Perry was taken to Atlantea Care Regional Medical Center, the city’s campus, with severe, life-threatening injuries following the November 20 incident. He’s now at a burn center in Philadelphia.

His skin has disappeared due to second and third degree burns, and he faces extensive surgeries if he survives.

“I’d love 20 to 30, if not more,” said Dillion, 22.

A Virginia official said the department is investigating Berry’s care as a result of his attempted suicide.

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Now, DeLeon faces the care of the couple’s three children — Alexander, 3, Ethan, 1, and Castillo, 3 months — on train trips to Cruiser Chester Medical Center to visit Perry and find a new place to live.

She spent a Friday afternoon collecting her bagged belongings inside her Atlantic City apartment, preparing to vacate them by December 1.


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