Why People Who Eat This Carb After Noon Struggle To Lose Weight

While there should not be completely “no” foods in a balanced diet, there is a direct link between some foods – especially when eaten at a certain time of the day – and weight gain. One such item is a common breakfast item that many of us with a sweet tooth might be tempted to reach for as a midday treat: pastries. wait! Health experts warn that this will definitely slow your weight loss progress.

Pretzels, also known as refined carbs, as well as cakes and cookies can lead to weight gain for a number of reasons, Lisa Richards, certified nutrition coach and creator of the diet tells us. And not just because of the apparent high calorie content (“Some of these treats top the scales at 400 calories, and 50-100 grams of diet-busting sugars”) says Ronnie Luebcher, fitness trainer, fitness director, and founder of Burn and Blast Training. .

They “create a glucose-insulin reaction that favors fat storage and ultimately leads to weight gain,” she explains.

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“I run away from these things because of high blood sugar,” Dr. Amy Lee, M.D., board-certified in Internal Medicine, Clinical Nutrition & Bariatrics, and Nucific Partner.

“This reaction also increases the likelihood of a glucose crash, which leaves the individual hungry again soon after eating, along with irritability and fatigue,” Richards continues. She explains that this starts a cycle of overeating that’s hard to shake in the afternoon when you’re tired and hungry.

“One may find themselves craving more food in the early hours; resulting in more calories being eaten for no reason,” agrees Dr. Lee.

Why do pastries in particular get in the way of your afternoon weight loss goals? Experts say the element of timing is also important. “What you eat in the early afternoon largely determines the course of the rest of your day in terms of diet and energy,” Richards says.

“When you feed yourself foods that trigger glucose breakdown and hunger, you set yourself up for overeating and weight gain.” Yikes!

So, what should you eat instead? She recommends eating complex carbohydrates, lean meats, and healthy fats for lunch and afternoon snacks. “This will set the course for the rest of the day towards healthier, more balanced food choices.”


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