Why Joseph Baena Doesn’t Use His Real Last Name

You may not have known this, but actor Joseph Baena is actually the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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But wait – if Joseph Baena is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, why not call himself Joseph Schwarzenegger? Good question.

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Baena recently explained why he didn’t take his father’s last name in an interview with E! News. “There are a few different variables in that,” he said.

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“But that’s just not my main priority at the moment, so I’m just focusing on building myself and building my acting career and real estate and just focus on that now.”

But Baena was quick to admit that “[looks] Even “his father, ah.” My father is a stallion. He’s a man, I like to think of him.”

“[I]For example, it affected a lot of things: the path I took in acting, fitness, fitness and many other things that I do.”

Check out the entire interview here.

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