Why it’s important to eat what your ancestors did, reveals Dr Valter Longo

The risk of death from diseases such as Covid-19 increases with age, but nutrition can play a large role in slowing the aging process and reducing the risk of many diseases.

“Nutrition is the most powerful way to change how quickly we age or whether we develop diseases such as diabetes, neurodegenerative disease or heart disease,” said Dr. Walter Longo, biologist and cell biologist while speaking during the third day of the release 19th Hindustan Times Leadership Summit on 2nd December.

Dr. Walter Longo, an Italian-American, is a cell biologist and cell biologist known for his studies in the field of longevity and healthy eating. He is also the author of The Longevity Diet which is a bestseller.

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When asked if race and ethnicity play a role in how a particular diet affects our bodies, Longo said that eating what our ancestors ate is very important to keep away from health problems.

“We have thousands and thousands of diets for thousands of different people. If someone in your family has celiac disease and you have a genetic predisposition[for it]you may not be able to eat any bread or any food containing gluten. If you are Japanese or Southern Italian, you probably Being lactose intolerant. I think it’s very important what your parents and grandparents ate all the time and what they ate and didn’t bother them. About looking for a long-lived diet equivalent to what your grandparents ate,” Longo said.

Longo also detailed a diet program that mimics fasting and tricks your body into thinking you’re fasting while eating certain foods. The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) is believed to bring the benefits of fasting while helping you avoid all problems from hunger pangs to fasting headaches.

“People don’t realize that there are a lot of side effects to fasting. If you fast at some point for too long, your metabolic rate can drop. It’s not about fasting and eating, it’s about how you eat and how you fast,” says the famous cell biologist .

FMD is a diet that consists mainly of plant ingredients. It’s recommended five days a month and promises to improve risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease in people who are obese and overweight. Longo says people who are at a healthy weight don’t need to follow this diet.

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