Why Howard Stern Thinks Everyone Should Stay Away From Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift must be so brave to go to The Howard Stern Show and get an interview with an undoubtedly talented radio personality. That’s because Howard has a tendency to ask questions about the star’s love life. Sure, Taylor has always been open about the trials and tribulations of her romantic history… albeit through her lyrics. But Howard asks the kind of questions that really deserve straightforward and sometimes uncomfortable honest answers. Taylor’s words open the door for fans to speculate on what and who is involved. But Howard wants straight facts and probably won’t stand the evasive maneuvers to evade answering a question like “What did Jake Gyllenhaal actually do that was so bad that he inspired you to write ‘It’s All Right’?”

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In all likelihood, Taylor will never go on the Sirius satellite radio program. While she is seen sitting near Howard at the Knicks Games in New York, as well as a few feet away from Howard at SiriusXM Studios, she appears to keep her distance from the former shock jock. But that probably doesn’t bother Howard too much because he doesn’t seem to be too thrilled with her music. More importantly, he basically advised people to stay away from T-Swift altogether. Here’s why…

Howard Stern thinks men won’t be smart yet with Taylor Swift

Howard Stern certainly isn’t the first person to suggest that men shouldn’t get out of their way to date the gorgeous and insanely successful music star. After all, Taylor tends to share her perspective on her time with each of her ex-boyfriends in her lyrics…even if it’s not always obvious which words to criticize which star. But the topic was recently brought up on The Howard Stern Show after Howard watched Taylor’s 10-minute performance of “All Too Well” on Saturday Night Live.

“I was looking at that song that Taylor Swift wrote [did]”Boy, I’d be afraid to go out with her,” Howard Stern told co-host Robin Quivers and his fans on November 15, 2021.

That was the best, he joked then Colin Jost [Taylor’s Saturday Night Live] performance. As we all found out, we never want to date Taylor Swift,” Robin laughed. She doesn’t like it when people leave her. “

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Howard went on to say he was reading about Taylor’s past relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal who is said to be the inspiration for the song. Jake was a guest on The Howard Stern Show twice and both Howard and Robin thought he was a “cool” guy. Robin even claimed to have a huge crush on him. Although they never dated him like Taylor did, they couldn’t understand why he was the type to be a bad boyfriend.

From what he’s read, Howard thinks Jake just told Taylor that things weren’t going well between them and used age as an excuse. Of course, that was one of the things Taylor took with Umbridge and pointed out that Jake’s follow-up girlfriend was younger than Taylor.

“[Jake said] Whatever bulls *** [excuse] To make her feel okay because he doesn’t want a song written about him. Howard said the man is a serious actor.

Robin agreed, saying, “He’s trying to get out and leave her with some dignity so she doesn’t feel bad.” “No matter what someone says, they’re not into you, which is why they’re leaving. He left it because he left it. It’s over.”

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At the end of the day, Taylor is commented on the excuse she apparently received from Jake. While every singer has written about his love life, there seems to be something different about the way Taylor does it. Part of that has to do with fans’ reaction to it. All too often, they create a toxic environment as they unite with the man Taylor is referring to without even hearing his side of the story or giving Taylor her fans the full context of her experience. Instead, you write about it. The result is hit songs loved by millions of people. But as Howard and Robin said, it should be a warning sign for anyone who wants to date her in the future.

Howard defends Taylor Swift for her politics

Based on his opinion of “All Too Well,” it might sound as if Howard hates Taylor Swift. But this is not true. In fact, he publicly praised her in the previous clips of his show. Specifically, I love when she decided to reveal her policy in order to help President Joe Biden win the 2020 election.

“Celebrities who won’t say who they vote for because they don’t want to piss off their audience – damn you too!” Howard said in early November 2020. . She has nearly 83 million followers and she came out and said who do you vote for and I’m good, this is defending your country.”

It’s clear that Howard will always be honest about his opinions, even if it’s occasionally criticizing a celebrity he once praised. That kind of honesty is exactly what Howard would expect from Taylor Swift if you decided to give an interview on his popular radio show.

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