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The most important things first. Let’s not pretend this is serious business in journalism. It’s a game, a bit of a fun distraction to get us all to argue with each other and scold other people’s bad opinions.

So, please, enjoy it for what it is and join the discussion – but be kind. It’s just football, right?

Here’s the game: Name the top 10 players in the Premier League.

As for overall talent, it’s just not the shape they’ve been in the past few weeks.

And you have to arrange them, so #1 is the best.

It’s really hard.

Does Harry Kane deserve a spot despite his nightmare of the season so far? Is Mohamed Salah plus nine players from Manchester City the top 10 good players? How do apples and oranges compare?

We asked our writers and editors to run an experiment, then averaged the answers to come up with this.

angry? Again, go on your own. We don’t mind being told we’re wrong.

For a degree of nuance, seven of our writers explain their picks here.

Have fun, keep calm and stay tuned on social media with top 10 players if you like.

Nick Miller

1 Mohamed Salah

2 Bernardo Silva

3 Kevin De Bruyne



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