‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant loses an Audi due to technicality

employment wheel of fortune On Tuesday night, one contestant was fighting back after she barely missed a win in a car due to what seemed like minor tech to viewers at home.

Charlene Robush entered the bounty round with $16,500. While solving the puzzle under “What are you doing?” In the category, Roboch first guessed “Choose the correct card”. However, it wasn’t quite right because the answer included a different final word, which Robosch eventually guessed, but not after pausing for a few seconds.

“Choose the word… the right one,” Robusch eventually answered right before the bell.

When the bell started, host Pat Sajak said to Rush, “You know, this guy’s tough, because you’ve said all the right words, including ‘Word’ but, you know, it should be pretty continuous. We’ll allow a short pause but not Four or five seconds. I’m sorry. I did a good job getting it, but we can’t give you the prize, and it was Audi.”

So it looks like, did Rubush just pause less From four or five seconds, she would probably also have won the Audi Q3. That tight moment had viewers at home take to social media with some thoughts.

Fortunately, though, the Twitter world was in my arms about the Rubush . object Audi A car, she was still happy to leave the show with her $16,500 prize and have a nice vacation.

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