West Wing’s Josh Malina asks Hollywood to “Cancel Mel Gibson”

Josh Malina and Mel Gibson

Josh Malina and Mel Gibson
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Hollywood doesn’t seem to be giving up on Mel Gibson. Just last month, the actor, known for racist, anti-Semitic and a Battery charging against ex girlfriend, It said Entered conversations to guide lethal weapon 5. Before that, Lionsgate hired him for a John Wick Role, taints the track record of this impressive franchise. So it begs the question, what does Mel Gibson have in Hollywood?

But it may be more clear than that. as West Wing Actor Joshua Mandel put it in a new article for Atlantic Ocean, “If Gibson’s return to direct the final installment of this beloved franchise is welcomed, it may be time to stop posting thought pieces about the power of ‘cancellation culture.’ Because if he continues to find big bucks and plaudits in Hollywood, cancellation culture simply doesn’t exist. “.

Malina makes some good points (aside from this assertion that “the progressive anti-racist left often tolerates, and sometimes even produces” anti-Semitism – you can take the man out of West Wing, but you can’t take West Wing from the man). But his general question remains, why does Hollywood continue to give Mel Gibson so many opportunities?

Actor known for roles Sports night And The Big Bang Theory, accuses Hollywood, and specifically Warner Bros. , to remain complicit with Gibson because “Jews don’t count.”

The fact that this doesn’t seem to bother Warner Bros. executives. It makes me wonder if “Jews don’t count” – as comedian David Badel posits in his book of the same name. Badel, a British Jew, argues that the “polite” society treats anti-Semitism as a semi-acceptable form of prejudice. Even more insane and confusing, the anti-racist progressive left often tolerates it, and sometimes even produces. It breaks my heart to think of how many Jews should have been part of the process that led to Warner Bros. advertisement.

This probably won’t be news to anyone reading this, but Gibson has a long, intense and largely unapologetic history of anti-Semitism, racism, and misogyny. There was time He went on a racist sermon against the mother of his child, telling her that he wished she were sexual.intrusive. And who can forget when he threw an antisemitic tantrum after being suspended for a DUI? Or when, ironically, he developed Maccabees in front of screenwriter Joe Eszterhaus wrote a nine-page open letter accusing Gibson of referring to Jews as “Hebes,” “dodgers,” and “Jewboys.” What about the time he threw similar insults at Winona Ryder?

For his part, in 2016, Gibson wondered aloud about diverse audio notation, “I don’t understand why after 10 years I became any problem […] Certainly if I were really what they say I am, kind of hateful, there will be evidence of actions somewhere.” He went on to emphasize that it was perfectly reasonable to act this way:

It was an unfortunate accident. I was loaded, angry and arrested. I was illegally registered by an unscrupulous police officer and have never been prosecuted for this crime. And then it was advertised for profit, and by members – we’ll call it the press. Really unfair. I guess who I am, I’m never allowed to have a nervous breakdown.

Within the exhausting conversation of culture cancelation, context is settled. Many feel sympathy for someone who told his ex-girlfriend that he was going to “Burn the damn house on fire, but be proud first“Because they may lose business for their actions. But what about the people who have to work with him and with him? As a director, he is responsible for his crew, including Jews and people of color. Will they be able to trust the manager to create a safe and fair work environment knowing he believes”The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world? “

Malina is not ignorant of how this article is likely to damage his career. “I am writing this knowing that it is more likely to lead to a Warner Bros boycott of Joshua Malina than of Mel Gibson.” Unfortunately, he may be right. Meanwhile, it’s only a matter of time before Gibson’s next big break.

Read the full article on Atlantic Ocean.


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