Weight loss: Nutritionist’s diet plan to help you lose weight – ‘Go back to the basics’

Finding a diet plan that works best for you can be difficult. With so many “quick fixes” and “rapid weight loss” programs out there, for those looking to lose weight in a safe and sustainable way, Pippa Campbell Health offers a bespoke service – designed and tailored for you and your body. Pippa Campbell, a nutritional practitioner and metabolic balance coach, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about her business and how it produces “really good results” for those that have embarked on a weight loss journey with her.

Pippa shared her top tips for anyone looking to lose weight. She suggested two things; three nutritionally balanced meals a day, and no snacking.

“So we’re working on sustainability – always,” she said. “I want people to be avoiding any of these quick fixes because they don’t last, people can’t stay on them. And people will find they might lose weight quickly, but because they can’t sustain it or because it’s so restrictive. Then they might go back to sort of bingeing.

“I know it’s fashionable and I know there’s a lot of benefits to fasting, I just tell people to get their three meals right. If the food they’re eating within that fasting window is wrong or if they’re bingeing, then that’s no good.

“So just go back to the basics; three meals a day with sufficient protein and no snacking.

“Honestly, if people just did that, three meals a day, no snacking, that would really help and then what they need to think about is then making sure they are eating whole foods that aren’t processed if they just eat real food at that those meals – think about what their grandmother ate, just eat real food.

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“I call fast food an omelette. Most people can make an omelette, or scrambled eggs or something.

“Just eat real food, three meals a day with sufficient protein, no snacking.”

Pippa continued: “Most people who come to see us are not, they’re having the biscuits in the afternoon or starve themselves.

“They’re fasting because it’s trendy, they eat start eating at 12 o’clock and they’re so hungry. But then they literally have everything in sight.

“So I think just getting those three meals right would be really, really good for weight loss.”

Speaking about Pippa Campbell Health and how it can help someone, Pippa said: “We have various plans. As a new client that various ways [to book in with us].

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“So either people can book in and they perhaps don’t know what they want, or they just want a one to one and then be guided where to go next. And that would be a new client consultation with one of our practitioners.

“Then specifically for weight loss – we have two weight loss programmes.

“So we have a three month programme, which is all singing, all dancing, one of the most bespoke weight loss programmes, [as] It’s based on blood tests, and also DNA testing.

“We combine a German program with the bloods with DNA testing to get a truly truly bespoke meal plan. So no one meal plan would be the same.

“Somebody might have courgettes, carrots and various other things and the other person might not.

“You go through different phases of this programme, so it’s long term and sustainable.”

As for whether a bespoke program produces better results, Pippa commented: “It has really good results, I think one because it is so bespoke.

“But also because it is three months as well. We’ve got this person for three months, and they can check in at any time – you’ve got set consultations, but they can check in with us daily if they want.

“Some people do like a lot of support. And we know support and accountability work very well.

“So there’s somebody to guide you through it because it’s three months, you literally know how to eat by the end of it.

“You then don’t need anyone to hold your hand you just know what works. And I think people then know they wouldn’t do a fad diet after that because they know ‘I’ve already got the best thing for me.’”

Three months could be seen as quite a short time to lose weight, but not as short as a crash diet or rapid weight loss programme, Pippa spoke about this: “So I’ve had a client who just carried on [after three months]she lost seven stone in a year and a half.

“And after the three months you can absolutely carry on so a lot of clients will carry on booking in, perhaps once a month for a half an hour consultation because it doesn’t come to an end at the three months.

“The program comes to an end in terms of the fixed consultations with us, but they might not have reached their goal at the end of the three months.

“Some people might but some people might not. So therefore if they’re still trying to lose weight, you’re guided through that and then they might still just carry on checking in.

“Some of them are so confident they can just carry on themselves and keep on losing weight.

“And we’ve had that but other people still like that accountability so then they can just check-in for a half hour consultation for example, once a month.”

Find out more about the services Pippa Campbell Health provides here.

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