Weight loss: Michael Mosley on how to lose and keep off 1st in 3 weeks

Lockdown may be over, but the nation has retained some bad post-pandemic habits. Dr Michael Mosley explains how dieters can lose weight through adopting a healthy diet and moving more.

Dr Michael stated: “Since the UK went into lockdown, we’ve spent an extra £19million on biscuits.

“Sales of alcohol have almost doubled.”

Accordingly, “two thirds have admitted to piling on the pounds”.

But how can slimmers lose this extra weight after lockdown living?

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The pandemic forced the nation to stay at home, which in turn forced many into a sedentary lifestyle.

For slimmers, reworking their lifestyle to incorporate regular exercise is essential.

According to Dr Michael, it is “unsurprising” that “months of overeating and reduced activity” would take their toll on the body.

Dr Michael’s solution is “increased activity, eating to bolster immunity, and a diet of 800-1000 calories a day over three weeks.”


In one of Dr Michael’s volunteers, before her weight loss, her heart age was 10 years older than she actually was.

For another volunteer, despite his relatively low BMI, stubborn fat around his belly meant he had an “increased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer”.

Another volunteer had taken to excessive drinking, branding it the “Furlough Merlot”, which could lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, and digestive problems, as well as some cancers.

Those who have put on excess weight during lockdown and are struggling to get it off can try one of Dr Michael’s weight loss diets, 5:2, The Fast 800 or most recently, The Fast 800 Keto, which starts off with restricted calories and becomes a healthy way of life.

Moving the body by getting out of the house for exercise, or even exercises as simple as standing up more, can also combat fat.

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