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Webinar: A Community Approach to Promoting Children’s Mental and Behavioral Health

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In addition to the material losses, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of young people around the world. This period of great upheaval has revealed the urgent need to address the rising rates of anxiety, depression, suicide and other significant challenges faced by young people. Researchers and caregivers fear that the long-term effects of the current moment – and failure to deal with it – can be severe, especially for children.

In response, leading children’s hospitals prioritize mental and behavioral health, not only by increasing access to treatment and inpatient service on campus by building stand-alone facilities, but also by partnering with schools, community groups and other local stakeholders to meet the needs of children and children. . families in their communities. From reimagining physical design spaces to enhance the patient and family experience in hospital to addressing the root causes and social determinants of health that also contribute to disparities in care, learn from leaders who are at the forefront of addressing mental health and pressing behavioral challenges and how they organize systems of care within their communities.

This webinar is part of the Community Health Leadership Forum, a virtual series of events from US News & World Report focused on improving community health across the country. Hear the leading voices from across sectors collaborating to address the social determinants of health, reduce inequality and bring about lasting change in the well-being of their population.

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