Waukesha suspect’s mother blames tragedy on lack of mental health services

A letter signed by Don Woods, the mother of Daryl Brooks, who is accused of killing six people at the Waukesha Holiday Parade last month, offered condolences to the victims and blamed her son’s actions on inadequate access to mental health resources.

“We, the family of Daryl Brooks, want to extend our condolences to the families of those who are tragically living and all those affected as well as the Waukesha community,” Woods wrote in a letter obtained by CBS58. Milwaukee’s local news station, on Wednesdays.

“We are not making excuses, but we believe that what happened is that he did not get the help and resources he needed,” the letter added. “Equipped institutions and trained staff are what we need as well as resources in the communities where people with mental illness live.”

Woods said her son “has had psychological problems since he was very young,” noting that he “received counseling and was on medication” at the time. However, as an adult, Brooks decided he “no longer had a mental illness” and did not have the insurance or the financial means to fund treatment or counseling.

“When mental illness is not treated properly, a person becomes sicker. It does not go away once a person becomes an adult,” Woods said.

“Mental illness is real and the system is broken,” she added.

Last month , brooks drive a 4×4 car He crossed the barricades set up for the Christmas parade, and dozens of people beat, some of them children.

He has a criminal history, and was involved in a “kind of disorder” before he drove through the show, according to police. Although it was in the beginning Charged with five counts First-degree murder, it is now Facing the sixth count Moreover.


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