Waukesha Christmas parade alleged killer’s mom blames lack of mental health services on tragedy

Daryl BrooksA mother broke her silence Wednesday in a letter to the media, blaming the tragedy on a lack of mental health services for her son, according to a press report.

Brooks was living with his mother, Dawn Woods, 62, when he tossed his red Ford Escape at the annual Christmas Parade on November 21, killing six people and injuring more than 60, according to court records.

Wakisha Christmas Parade suspect Daryl Brooks Jr. 1 gram bail received despite red flag warnings, court documents show

“We don’t make excuses, but we believe what happened is because he didn’t get the help and resources he needed,” Woods wrote in the letter.

Daryl Brooks, accused of killing five people and wounding nearly 50 others after plowing into a Christmas parade with his SUV on November 21, appeared in Waukesha County Courthouse in Waukesha, Wisconsin, US on November 23, 2021.
(Mark Hoffman/Paul via Reuters)

Brooks, 39, had a mental illness and had been on medication since he was a child, according to the letter and court papers.

“Equipped institutions and trained personnel are what we need as well as the resources in the communities where people with mental illness live,” the letter states. “Prisonment is not the answer, because they are released back into society much worse than when they entered. We all see what a tragedy that could be.”

Daryl Brooks' home in Milwaukee, Wis.

Daryl Brooks’ home in Milwaukee, Wis.
(Fox News/Rebecca Rosenberg)

Her son, a professional criminal, has a sprawling rap newspaper with more than two dozen arrests in Georgia, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

Saturated Waukesha Daryl Brooks suspected he didn’t have shoes, a jacket, and called for help after a parade attack

In a widely criticized move, a Milwaukee attorney general has requested a $1,000 cash bail after he was arrested for allegedly running over his ex-girlfriend with his SUV, leaving a tire mark on her left leg. Woods posted her son’s bail on November 5, and 16 days later, he allegedly used the same car to commit a horrific attack on holiday revelers.

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm called the bail “inappropriately low” and opened an internal investigation into the decision.

“We as a society must take mental illness seriously by fixing a broken system or suffer the consequences, and it is sad to say that what happened in Waukesha will continue to happen across this country, in one form or another with more innocent lives lost and heartbroken. families and societies.

Wakisha suspect Daryl Brooks beats up girlfriend five months before running with his SUV

Brooks’ mother offered her condolences to the victims and the Waukesha community.

“What was meant to be a joyous day has turned into a day full of tragedy and sadness – a day we wish with all our hearts would never have happened,” the letter read.

Five adult victims were killed in the Waukesha motorcade attack.  The sixth victim, this is a child, was announced in court on Tuesday.

Five adult victims were killed in the Waukesha motorcade attack. The sixth victim, this is a child, was announced in court on Tuesday.

She added that Brooks came from a “loving Christian family” and was the grandson of priests.

The problem started when it was decided as an adult that he no longer had mental illness and his treatment was ended, according to Woods.


“Instead of providing help and resources to combat the problem, the prison cell was repeatedly handed over,” she wrote.

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