vitamin C potency+ from mindbodygreen

Our scientifically advanced vitamin C-lipid-bioflavonoid complex (as PureWay-C™) optimizes gentleness and efficacy. High-potency vitamin C, rice bran fatty acid lipids, and citrus bioflavonoids from bitter orange, deliver superior cellular uptake & retention, serum response, and antioxidant plus anti-inflammatory performance in the body. With 1,000 mg in each serving, you receive the vitamin C content of 15 oranges.*†‡

1,000 mg

Our broad-spectrum citrus bioflavonoid complex delivers incremental antioxidant benefits to the formula. Acting as vitamin C’s accessory phytonutrients, this complementary spectrum of citrus bioflavonoids (including hesperidin, naringin, narirutin, didymin, and eriocitrin) from 100% whole citrus sources (lemon, key lime, grapefruit, sweet orange, and mandarin orange) buffers vitamin C , helping to shield it from oxidation.*

100 mg

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