Villarreal vs Barcelona summary: score, goals and highlights, LaLiga 2021/22

Pique’s incident is a “clear punishment”, according to a former FIFA ruling

Former FIFA referee Eduardo Ituraldi Gonzalez, who works as an official analyst at AS and Spanish radio station Cadena SER, says: Villarreal should have been awarded a visible handball penalty by Gerard Pique in the first half..

Referee Cesar Soto Grado and video assistant Carlos del Cerro Grande decided not to take any action When Danjuma’s shot appeared to hit the defender’s hand in the Barcelona box.

It’s a clear penaltyItoraldi Gonzalez said Cadena Ser. “Pique puts his hand down. He slips inside and hits the ball with his right hand, and not the one who was supporting his weight with it, which is the left.

If the video assistant didn’t intervene, it was because he felt that Pique’s hand was in a normal position, but if you think this is a normal position, you shouldn’t be in the job.”

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