Tyra Banks and America’s Next Top Model Allegedly Paid Contestants $40 a Day

Tyra She found herself in hot water again America’s Next Best Model.

This time around, the former judge and executive producer of the long-running competition series has come under fire for allegedly paying contestants $40 a day.

Monday, November 29 Sarah Hartshornwho participated in the show during the ninth session of 2007, Allegedly on Twitter That she and the other contestants were given “$40 a day, no leftovers, and we had to pay for food.”

The claim first erupted on the social media platform after that Twitter user Discuss exhibitor salaries in a post that’s now viral.

“The fact that girls ANTME They were getting paid $40 an episode, Tyra and the judges were making the bank, kinda sick,” wrote the user, written by Sarah replied, “$40 an episode and we had to pay for the food.”

Many responded to these allegations, with one Twitter user comment, “Tyra Banks was sending them girls home with their hair cut on #antm and they only earned $40 an episode.”

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“All of you at Tyra Banks were only paying these girls $40 a day. That’s worse than minimum wage!” another person books, with another person adding, “I mean the chance to win and exposure is there but d-n… at least cover the food for them people would get perdem [sic] very funny.”

NS! The news reached Tyra and ANTME Comment but has not yet received a response.


over the years, ANTME The winners have been awarded modeling contracts, beauty deals, fashion distribution and other prizes.

In 2018, during the 24th season of the series, she turns 20 years old Kayla Coleman He won the competition and signed a contract with Next Model Management, earning a fashion spread paper magazine and received a cash prize of $100,000 from Pantene.

But according to other reality TV contenders, this level of minimum wage appears to be the norm in the industry.

back in july, Big brother‘s Elena Davis, who participated in Season 19 in 2017, revealed how much she made while on the show.

“We get paid a week,” she said during an interview. The bachelorette‘s Jason TartikDear Media Podcast Trading Secrets. $1,000 a week, [for] As long as you are photographing. So if you’re, like, say, the first person to be sent home and you only shoot for six hours at home, you’ll get a thousand.”

“I technically filmed the whole season,” she explained. “So I got my paycheck for 13 weeks or whatever.”

Elena said she earned $5,000 in addition to her weekly earnings.

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survivor star Johnny Fairplay He told TMZ in 2018 that the first person to be eliminated in the competition could make $12,500. He also said that the jury members received $40,000.

Despite how popular it is love island A source in the UK said the sun In 2018, “all islanders receive £200 a week to participate in the show.” This equals about $265.

And if you hope to appear in Unmarried In the franchise, it has been reported that contestants looking for love get nothing to be on the show. However, they will occasionally receive free clothes and gift bags. Big salary for leads, who can get $100,000.

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This is not the first ANTMEThe Tyra controversy.

Last May, Tyra addressed the controversial sections of the show. Many criticized Tyra’s comments on the contestants’ appearance, while others felt that some photoshoot subjects were problematic, including the Course 13 challenge where contestants darkened their skin in order to photograph a “biracial.”

“I’ve been seeing posts about insensitivity in the past ANTME Moments I agree with you, “Tyra chirp. “Looking back, these were really some options. We appreciate your honest feedback and send lots of love and virtual hugs.”

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