Tottenham’s Son confirms COVID vaccination status: “I didn’t want to infect others”

Everyone now knows that Tottenham Hotspur were the first Premier League club to suffer a major outbreak of COVID-19 this winter. Although the club has not confirmed which players have tested positive during the outbreak – and they almost certainly won’t unless the players decide to release this information – Son Heung-min has been linked to Spurs’ COVID concerns last year, something that Spurs fans have questioned. about his vaccination status.

But as reported in today’s Telegraph, Sonny is now publicly available. In an interview with Mike McGrath, Son said he received two shots of the COVID vaccine, in part because of his international travel with the South Korean national team and because he wanted to protect others in case he contracted the virus.

“To be honest, I felt like I needed it because I didn’t want to infect other players or other people if I had COVID. It doesn’t mean if I got vaccinated I wouldn’t get COVID, but the percentages would be a little lower so I don’t want to infect others. That is The reason I got it.

“Rules and travel – because I am not only here, I travel to the national team – and for this, in my opinion, it was the best option to get it. I did not regret receiving it and was happy to receive the second vaccination.”

Sony went on to talk about Tottenham Hotspur and how they’ve dealt with the latest wave of match delays. Tottenham’s two Premier League matches have now been postponed due to the outbreak, and thanks to Burnley’s weather cancellation, they now have three games on hand compared to many of their league rivals. But Sonny says the team has been working hard, especially with an important home game against Liverpool coming up tomorrow.

“We prefer matches and the matches were positive, so it was difficult and difficult moments. But we have this experience and the most important thing at the moment is not football.

“The health of the players and the people is the most important, and obviously we have to think positively, so we have time to prepare for matches and the way the manager wants to prepare for matches we can understand a little bit more because of the training sessions. As footballers, we want to play football.

“We need to be really strong in our mind to get ready every three days, but that’s something we’ve done really well.”

Son went on to talk about his personal decision to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and how his decision could affect others. This part, unfortunately, is a little less praised.

It’s a personal issue and I respect any decision other people make because it’s personal. In Korea, a lot of people were vaccinated but some people also didn’t want to. But we should listen to how they feel because if we don’t talk we won’t get any answers. So we must respect any personal issue and people’s choices about the decision.”

So, on a personal level, I hate this opinion and think it’s bad. It’s a conditional process — hesitation in a vaccine is one of the reasons we’re two years into this pandemic with another huge wave soon to strike — and a PR-influenced answer designed to be harmless to as many people as possible. I understand – frankly – why Sony (and/or the PR team) feels the need to make these kinds of statements about personal choice, and is not entirely wrong, especially with regard to the need to listen to people and their experiences. But Sony is also a giant soccer player in the UK, abroad, especially in Korea, and fully endorsing vaccination could save lives. I would have preferred to hear something along the lines of what Jürgen Klopp had to say about vaccination than this.

But this is secondary to my relief that Sony takes this situation seriously and that he bears personal responsibility for being stabbed. He’s one of only two players to have publicly announced their vaccination status – Lucas Moura confirmed he was vaccinated on Twitter and encouraged the Brazilians to get the shot, and there are probably two other players I don’t remember.

Tottenham have published a preview update for tomorrow’s match against Liverpool which stated that most of their COVID positive players are now back in training, with a further couple back by tomorrow. It is unclear how many of them will be in line to start.

Antonio Conte revealed on Friday that we are now down to two cases of COVID-19 within the squad after the recent outbreak.

On the injury front, Giovanni Lo Celso and Hope Antonio are back on Sergio Reguilon after coming off during the first half of our last win over Norwich.

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