Tottenham 2-1 West Ham: Spurs back to League Cup semi-finals

they did it! Tottenham Hotspur hosted West Ham in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals, and somehow did not manage to give up their lead of late. Tottenham got a goal in the first half and a assist from Steven Bergwijn and another goal from Lucas Moura, then Tottenham held off late in the chances to block the hammers. The end result was 2-1. Jarrod Bowen scored the only goal for West Ham.

Champagne football, it wasn’t, but it was a win, and Tottenham still have a chance to win the title this season! These are some of my notes on matching.


  • This match was kind of a mess. It’s not that Spurs played badly – they really didn’t. But I’m not sure I’d say they played well. The entire match was a bit of a hit right from the start, punctuated by moments of brilliance from Bergwijn.
  • And oh my, Stevie was absolutely good! It was clear that this was Redemption Week™ at Tottenham Hotspur – Dele and Harry Winks got their chance against Liverpool, and this time it was Bergwijn’s time in the sun. His goal was a fine one-to-two combination with Pierre-Emile Hojberg, and he seized the opportunity well.
  • But as much as his goal was to help Lucas was better. Just a nice move to create space and good visibility to guide the ball into the penalty area. beautiful things.
  • West Ham’s goal was trash, and it was largely Eric Dier’s fault. A terrible pass from the back straight to the West Ham player, followed by Bowen putting him on ice skates. Meanwhile, Doherty bumps into Ben Davies to get him out of the play. It wasn’t pretty.
  • I liked what I saw from Skippy today, although it looked like it was still trying to get rid of the rust a bit. Likewise from Reguilon who played well but looked exhausted in the middle of the second half.
  • Matt Doherty is still not very good (but he had a few good moments with the ball).
  • Conte’s decision to replace his full-backs with more defensive versions of the same (Reggie, Doherty for Royal, Tanganga) made sense with Spurs trying to absorb the pressure of late West Ham. He released some pent-up pressure, at least until West Ham started turning the nail late.
  • Hugo Lloris had some great stops in this match. Gullini would never do.
  • The semi-finalists will be attended by Tottenham, Liverpool (after beating Leicester in the BKS), Chelsea and Arsenal. It will be fun no matter who Spurs draw with.

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