Top MLS 2021 Best XI snubs

We’ve rounded up five (!!!) best XIs on the show, and that can easily be expanded to two digits. (#nerds.) Our main goal with the official Best XI was and still is that it’s not a functional soccer team. It does not take into account tactical trends, such as the 2021 spread of three-man backlines and wing-backs. In fact, there is almost no external appearance. In most years, there is no defensive midfielder (and thankfully Joao Paulo came along) or player from one box to the next. Basically, it’s a goalkeeper, three defenders, a handful of 10’s and a bunch of attackers.

The format (one goalkeeper, three defenders, four midfielders, three attackers) leaves plenty of room for attack. I’ll go line by line and give you the guys I think have the most to complain about. As always, I’m available on Twitter to debate what/everything is better XI, MLS Cup Playoffs or whatever grinds your gear on this wonderful day.

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