Tom Holland Did The Most Boyfriend Thing To Zendaya After Snowboard Injury

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” star Tom Holland may not have used his best shot after having a recent snowboarding accident — but he made a fun storyline on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Monday. (Watch the video below).

Holland explained that once filming for the movie, he took to the slopes because “my contract was up, so I was finally allowed to do things I wouldn’t have done before.”

Apparently the actor stumbled, because he FaceTimed Zendaya, his girlfriend and partner, with blood “on his face,” she explained on the show.

“I answer the phone covered in blood and he’s, ‘What are you doing?’ Zendaya continued.

Holland replied, “And I’m like, How cool is this?”

“This is something an actor should do,” said the host. “Instead of the hospital, you call your girlfriend on FaceTime and show her how much blood” is on your face.

Fast forward to 6:06 for the snowboarding clip. Or watch the fun interview in full:


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