This Supplement Can Support a Longer & Healthier Life — Here’s How*

As it turns out, researchers have discovered that while most of the world’s population doesn’t get enough vitamins or minerals (say, one or more nutrient gaps), people can improve their longevity simply by taking a multiple daily dose. *This is assuming, of course, that multivitamins are formulated in a truly powerful and comprehensive way (including all essential vitamins and minerals).

If securing daily essential nutrients isn’t changing your head, one study was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Provides epidemiological evidence that taking multivitamins can increase telomere length in women. So what is the importance of telomeres? These chromosomal tips protect your DNA from stressors, and research indicates that telomere length is a sign of biological aging. In other words, the longer your telomeres, the better — and telomere length was 5% longer among women who took multiple telomeres per day compared to women who didn’t. *

As mbg Director of Scientific Affairs Ashley Jordan Ferreira, Ph.D., RDN said, “This is a baseline study, the first of its kind, in fact. Multiple taking was associated with a significant increase in telomere length.” *She goes on to explain: “By the way, these women didn’t take more than once or sometimes, these were daily users of vitamins, underscoring the importance of long-term investment in this daily feeding ritual.”


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