This Butter Option May Now Be the Healthiest, New Study Says — Eat This Not That

It’s safe to say that people have been wary of using margarine for some time. But the debate over the use of margarine versus butter has become a bit more complicated. According to a recent study by public health nutritionNewer versions of margarine may be the healthiest choice over butter.

In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration officially decided that partially hydrogenated oils — too heavy in trans fats — could no longer be agreed upon as completely “safe” to put in your food. For this reason, these processed trans fats have been banned in American foods.

This is where the perception of margarine begins to shift. Before Prohibition, margarine almost certainly contained these oils. But after the ban, recipes began to change.

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in the reportAnd Existing forms and brands of margarine have been examined to determine their potential health risks or benefits. The researchers concluded that Margarine was found to be “better compliant” with health guidelines, especially regarding cholesterol, than regular butter.

These findings are surprising and could shape the way margarine or butter is viewed in the future. However, it is important to remember that although margarine has become a “healthy choice,” it should be eaten in moderation.

Cecily Webber of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health told US News & World Report, “While margarine is a better option than butter for heart health, it should still be eaten in moderation, as it still contains some saturated fat and is high in energy density.” That is, they contain a high amount of calories per serving size.”

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