These Healthy Pasta Sauces Will Seriously Upgrade Spaghetti Night

Pasta night doesn’t have to be indulgent—in fact, any bowl of spaghetti can be part of a nutritious, balanced, and delicious diet. With the help of these healthy pasta sauce recipes, you can satisfy your next carb craving And Achieve your health goals in one delicious bowl of pesto or classic marinara.

The key to any nutritious pasta sauce is a good base of vegetables—think spaghetti loaded with roasted vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, onions!) or penne filled with fresh herbs, in-season tomatoes, or heaps of leafy greens. Try layering lasagna with protein-rich cashew cream or a traditional tomato sauce loaded with light and tasty ingredients like fennel, capers, olives, and more. Topped with a filling protein like white beans, lean chicken, or any number of meatball recipes, pasta can be a perfectly balanced dish of protein, vegetables, healthy fats, and carbs.

Are you looking to increase the nutritional value of your dinner even more? According to GH’s dietitian, the healthiest ways to eat pasta include enjoying whole wheat pasta (which has a heartier and more flavor than traditional pasta) or trying pasta made with beans and legumes. You can also take apart your coil to try vegan “pasta” (hello, zoodles!) that offer a lower-calorie alternative. Many of these recipes stick to the recommendations of nutritionists, such as doubling the amount of vegetables and cutting the pasta by half or a third. Get a fork, because it’s pasta for dinner tonight!

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