These Are The Beloved Car Movies That Actually Suck

Screenshot of two cars racing in The Fast and the Furious

screenshot: Universal Pictures

“I’ll take the bait – and The Fast and the Furious Movies. They are not good car movies. In fact, I’d argue they’re not even car movies, they’re just heist movies, for the first few installations I jumped on the tuner car bandwagon and used street racing as a plot point (literally only the first movie.)

“As much as burglary movies are worth… I’d argue they’re a lot of fun.”

what will Breaking point Be like it’s set in cars? This is the question no one asked, but The Fast and the Furious He proceeded to answer. This 2001 movie is now over 20 years old, so it can almost be described as a classic. But, she might choose one of her nine consecutive movies for festive entertainment this holiday season.

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