The Mountain’s Nutrition — Here’s What’s In Hafthor Björnsson’s Grocery Shopping Cart

Losing more than 100 pounds is no easy feat. Doing so by following the tough guy’s career as one of the greatest competitors of all time with a body mass of over 400lbs is a life-committed endeavor. That’s what Hafthor “Mountain” Bjornson has done since he quit the sport of pitching and rolling for a pair of boxing gloves. The 2018 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) diet switched from 8,000 calories per day during strongman training to a lower-fat diet of smaller portions (read: fewer calories) of rice, vegetables, chicken, fish, and sometimes red meat.

In preparation for his highly anticipated boxing match against 2017 WSM champ Eddie Hall in early 2022, Bjornson has booked an Airbnb with his coach Billy Nelson in Glasgow, Scotland. Part of this step is filling the fridge with foods that are appropriate for his diet. Bjornson and Nelson took to The Mountain’s YouTube channel to share a video of their trip to Costco. Check out everything Björnsson puts in the cart below:

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The first stop at Costco for The Mountain is basmati rice, potatoes, and oats with berries to pair with them like blueberries and strawberries. At breakfast, Bjornson includes 100g of blueberries and 50g of strawberries in oats. Then, they’ll dive in to get all the protein—fish, steak, and drunkard—that they’ll mix in with the berries.

There is some indulgence with the types of potatoes that Björnsson can enjoy. Regular and sweet potatoes are interchangeable in his current diet, although he prefers the regular diet. Also, in the produce aisle with berries is a bunch of spinach that Björnsson added to the cart. Although he spent a long moment tenderly holding the raspberry and white chocolate pancakes in his giant fist, he did not put them in his cart.

A large container of eggs has earned the WSM champion 2018. Almond butter has also gotten the nod because it’s sometimes mixed into his last evening snack before bed. Björnson reiterated that cheat day is Sunday when he was running through the pizza booth.

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After checking out at Costco, Björnsson and Nelson drove to the neighboring Tesco Extra to pick up more berries, sauces, and chicken broth for the rice. Bjornson cooks rice with chicken or beef broth to give it more flavour. To their surprise, the stock was sold in cans, which makes it look more like beer – a different aesthetic than the crates they usually buy.

If you’re competing… you know how important it is to maintain your diet.

Nelson came up with a can of Heineken, although it is more important to him because alcohol is not part of Björnsson’s boxing diet. Björnsson prepares all of his meals in advance because multiple training sessions in a day can leave him tired and uninterested in cooking. Although Björnsson is already relatively weak, we will see how much his physique is affected when he steps into the ring with Hall in the match tentatively scheduled for March 2022.

Featured image via Hafthor Björnsson’s YouTube channel.

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