The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links for Thursday, December 16

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I’ve felt like a long time since playing Tottenham’s men’s team, which shocked me to find out that it was only 11 days since the win against Norwich.

Rumble today

I will conclude this series of football quotes of the year with two awards, one for today and one for tomorrow. Today’s award is a special award, an attempt to honor the citation machine. Finalists include Inter Miami as an organizer and Megan Rapinoe in a solo effort, both of whom have appeared three times over the course of the series. They put in some serious business (in very in different ways) for getting here, and I applaud them for that. If there is one definitive citation machine for 2021, the Special Excellence Award can’t go anywhere else but beach bar.

I have already written an appreciation post for beach bar, so those bases are covered. But what I will add is that beach barBeing able to create shareable videos at such a high rate is fantastic. Here is a recent video targeting Barcelona player Clement Lenglet for daring to smile after Barcelona’s Champions League exit.

It’s easy content for beach bar, in a way it’s kinda tiring and totally fun exaggeration. This is a show that knows the very specific niche it has made for itself, and can’t stop giving it. Even if Lenglet’s video is a remake of Eden Hazard’s viral video from May, there’s plenty of creativity in beach bar Which is based entirely on the irony of football.

The show is a complete embrace of the inherent absurdity of football, and in a way very few of them have the ability to execute and perfect. A ridiculous sport like football deserves a show like beach bar To prove her weirdness constantly. There was no shortage of fun clips from beach bar in 2021, so much so that it otherwise would have clogged the year’s bid feed. The show needed its spotlight, its own distinctness.

tl; D: Special Excellence Award, Honoring the 2021 Final Citation Machine, goes to beach bar!

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Today’s links

Argentina international Sergio Aguero has retired after being diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia.

The Burnley-Watford match has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Watford.

Marcelo and Luka Modric of Real Madrid have tested positive for COVID-19.

Barclays has signed a new deal to sponsor both the FA Women’s Championship and the Women’s Championship.

OL Reign will return to Seattle from Tacoma, and will play at Lumen Field early next season.

Clubs paid $500 million in agent fees this year, up from $497 million in 2020.

LONGER READING: Susan Wrack interviews Chelsea’s Jesse Fleming about development as a player and her growing role at the club after winning Olympic gold with Canada for The Guardian

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