The £35 million striker who’s played 34 minutes in the league – The Athletic

It had to be Diogo Jota Divock Origi.

Wolves have been contemplating signing the Belgian striker since 2018, but for one reason or another, the deal didn’t quite happen. So he was there in the 94th minute, breaking hearts with a red jersey, not a gold jersey.

The 26-year-old lives on as a substitute but takes his time and pops up with crucial goals for his team. On Saturday, it was hard not to look at his Wolverhampton counterpart and wonder why he didn’t come close to doing the same.

Fabio Silva did not choose his price but the inescapable fact is that it cost £35m. This season, he played 34 minutes in the Premier League.

There are some mitigating factors at play. Of course, it is extremely difficult to rise to the level of one of Europe’s most complete strikers in Raul Jimenez, Silva’s only direct competitor for minutes on the pitch, as the teenager is Wolverhampton’s only striker. But, with Jimenez – despite providing matches and moments that reflected his best a year after suffering a horrific skull fracture – he hasn’t consistently reached those heights yet, having an opponent to replace him in the last 10-15 minutes or pushing him in his place would be beneficial.

Jimenez hasn’t scored in his last three games, and therefore Wolverhampton hasn’t scored.


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