The 3 Best Ways to Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss, Expert Says — Eat This Not That

Losing weight is a great step towards a potentially healthier lifestyle, however, keeping it off is the ultimate goal for many people who choose to make changes to their diet and routine. If sustainable weight loss is something you want to achieve, it’s important to ignore the fads and instead stick to a few basic habits, according to an expert.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” says Cory Roth, an RDN and expert in women’s health and PCOS and CEO of The Women’s Dietitian. “The problem with a lot of trendy, cool diets right now is that they’re incredibly restrictive. Yes, you might lose 10 pounds in two weeks by dropping all the carbs, but the minute you even look at a slice of bread, all that weight (and maybe more) will come back.” to accumulate.”

“Weight loss must be sustainable over time, and it must come in the form of healthy, long-term habits. Losing weight at a slower pace can help you avoid it for now and forever,” Roth adds.

When it comes to losing weight sustainably, Roth suggests the following three steps as the best things you can do to achieve long-term results. Keep reading for her tips, and for more information, check out 8 things you should know before trying to lose belly fat.

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When it comes to how much you’re eating, Roth explains, “Staying in a calorie deficit is critical to weight loss, so knowing how many calories you need to eat consistently to be in that deficit is key. Tracking calories with something like MyFitnessPal isn’t Necessary, but very useful in helping us figure out how to better navigate proper portion control.”

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Enjoying a meal in a restaurant can be a nice way to pamper yourself, however, it may not be something you want to do very often if you want to shed extra pounds.

“[Eat] Most of your meals and snacks are in your kitchen,” says Ruth. When we eat out, we inevitably eat more calories, fat, and sugar. Being the one to control what and how much of an ingredient goes into your food is a foolproof way to eat better for weight management.”

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what Roth says what you eat is just as important as how much and where you eat it. That’s why you should aim to “fill half of your plate with vegetables that are low in starch, a quarter of protein, and a small serving of carbohydrates.”

As Roth explains, “This ‘board method’ is a very easy way and visually balances your board for better weight control.”

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