7 Nutritious foods that can help ease your anxiety

Do you always find yourself anxious and stressed on multiple occasions? Then you go back to either alcohol, smoking, or even binge eating? While the first two don’t help reduce anxiety, food may. But not just any food like processed carbohydrates like sausages and burgers but healthy and nutritious food. While people think healthy food … Read more

Weight Loss Tips| 5 Foods You Should Stop Eating Immediately to Lose Weight And Get That Toned Body

Weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym. That’s right, we are what we eat. If you are trying to lose weight and don’t eat healthy, you won’t lose any fat despite burning calories in the gym. It’s important to make wiser choices when it comes to food (and otherwise).ALSO READ – N95 Mask … Read more

‘Natural’ supplements athletes take to boost performance can be harmful, cardiologists warn

Athletes who take “natural” supplements to give them a competitive advantage today cautioned, because misusing them can be harmful. The European Society of Cardiology said An increasing number of athletes are using untested products — containing substances like caffeine and creatine — to boost performance. Although legal, food products are often not subject to strict … Read more

Buying your groceries online could leave you missing key information, study says

But the transition online hasn’t been smooth sailing, according to a new study published Thursday. Federal regulations require packaged foods to have nutritional facts and ingredients available for consumers to review when shopping at traditional grocery stores. But the study published in Public Health Nutrition found that information for some products in many online retailers … Read more

Half way through veganuary? A plant-based diet makes you more productive at work, says a new report

A new study reveals that people who eat a plant-based diet can be more positive and productive than their meat-eating counterparts. commissioned investigation Food delivery Services city ​​store found it plant food Like dark chocolate, leafy greens and plant proteins lead the way as the best foods to consume for boosting brain power and a … Read more

Intuitive Eating Ireland: “Society pushes weight loss, it’s everywhere”

Its January 2022 cover stars are Sinéad and Gillian Crowe, better known as Intuitive Eating Ireland. “We are moving into more educated lands where weight does not define us.” *This article contains a reference to eating restriction, weight loss and diet. Sinéad and Gillian Crowe are “intuitive eaters in training” – this is how they … Read more

A dietitian shares 5 foods she eats ‘for energy and focus’—without the coffee or caffeine

I’ve been a coffee fanatic for most of my life. But four years ago, after I had a concussion from a car accident, my doctor suggested taking a caffeine break to see if it would help reduce headache symptoms and brain fog. Although studies are limited, some researchers have found that too much caffeine can … Read more

Why You Should Never Quit Fruit During a Low-Carb Diet, According to Science

One of my patients – who was obese, uncontrolled diabetes and the cost of her medication – agreed in June 2019 to adopt a whole food plant-based diet. Excited for the challenge, she did a great job. She increased her intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, stopped eating sweets, crackers and cakes, and reduced foods … Read more

Logansport woman returns to open healthy shake business downtown | News

Health drink company Logansport Nutrition quietly opened in downtown Logansport on December 3 in the Keystone Building at 528 E. Broadway. Since its opening, it has quickly gained popularity among the people of the city. Some around town may recognize the owner, Claudia Hernandez, who has lived here for 10 years and attended the Logansport … Read more