The key to unlocking a happier life

When thinking about our happiness, we tend to focus on big-picture questions. We look at our lives in their entirety, examining the broad strokes of our careers, friendships and romantic relationships. Will I get a major promotion at work, we ask ourselves? Should I move to a new city? Will I get married or might … Read more

4 Recipes to boost your mental health

You tend to overeat on a box of chocolates or a bowl of ice cream when you’re feeling down. Finding comfort in your choice-based food is fine, but in the end it will also likely make you feel bad and sick on top of all that, once the sugar wears off. But there are some … Read more

Judge: Monitor to Oversee Mississippi Mental Health System | Mississippi News

By Leah Willingham, Associated Press/Report for America JACKSON, Ms. (Associated Press) — A federal judge has ordered an independent monitor to oversee the Mississippi’s mental health care system. The monitor will be tasked with verifying data provided by the state to analyze the success of mental health services. The main action will be whether the … Read more

New nursing and midwifery partnership to better support Darwin parents with mental health

When Darwin’s mother Amy Hetherington gave birth to her first child, she said the pressure and fear of not rising to be a good mother were overwhelming. the main points: 90,000 parents experience mental health issues while expecting or caring for a child A new partnership has been launched to train midwifery and nursing students … Read more

Grant helps Compeer teach teen mental health first aid | Local News

Compeer of Greater Buffalo, a nonprofit nonmedical social services agency that promotes positive mental health through purposeful friendships, recently received a $25,000 grant to provide adolescent mental health first aid training for 280 girls in three schools. Regional High School. The scholarship also includes funds to support a mentoring program that promotes positive mental health … Read more

Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner talks about importance of mental health

It’s the first day of the new year, which means gyms are overwhelmed with people trying to lose weight and get fit. Another component of our health that deserves attention is the mental aspect. Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner spoke at length about mental health during his press conference earlier this week. He watches. “We hide … Read more

The youth mental health crisis is real, but teachers can’t solve it alone

This month, the US Surgeon General issued a stark warning about the state of mental health among America’s youth. Citing mounting evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to social isolation, feelings of hopelessness and self-harm among adolescents, his public health advisory urged immediate action to support the mental health and well-being of young people. … Read more

Does ‘Dry January’ actually improve your health?

For people interested in modern health, the beginning of the new year sometimes means the beginning of a dry January. The month-long public health campaign encourages people to abstain from alcohol as a way to improve wellness. Are there actual health benefits that you can gain from dry January? For the most part, experts say … Read more