Thousands go on NHS ‘soup and shake’ diet to help them lose weight after success of trials 

Thousands are going on the NHS diet to help them lose weight after successful trials Tens of thousands of obese Britons will be prescribed soup and diet meals to help them slim. The extreme scheme came after an experiment that found people threw more than two stones in three months Patients who are overweight will … Read more

Study Says Vitamin D Sufficiency Is Tied To Cognitive Health*

Women with increased (ie adequate) levels of vitamin D have better global cognition (i.e. overall cognitive function) and longer attention span, aka attention accuracy. / Ml. In men, adequate levels of vitamin D were also associated with improved attention accuracy. * Thanks to patterns of association between cognitive performance and vitamin D status, researchers have … Read more

Green Mediterranean diet helps keep brain young, Israeli study finds

Photo: shutterstock The Ben-Gurion University-led study represents one of the largest and longest-running MRI brain imaging trials in the world, and demonstrates how consuming plants and minimal amounts of red and processed meat significantly reduces age-related brain atrophy. .

A Higher Olive Oil Intake Can Lead To A Longer Life, Study Finds

The researchers pulled data from the Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up Study, which examined more than 60,000 women and more than 31,000 men with healthy hearts. Participants were asked about their food choices every four years, over a 28-year period. When comparing the type of cooking fat each participant used, as well … Read more

Nebraska Medical Center researcher finds connection between malnutrition, COVID-19 mortality | News

(Omaha) – A recent study conducted at a medical center in the region revealed that poor diet leads to an increased risk of death from the COVID-19 coronavirus. Research from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Allied Health Professionals looked at patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and found a link between malnutrition and an … Read more

Oat and almond milk could cause people to miss out on essential nutrients, warns food expert 

Trendy dairy alternatives like oat and almond milk may risk the health of teenage girls who may be missing out on essential nutrients, food expert warns Professor Ian Givens said that vegetarian diets mean a loss of essential nutrients Milk alternatives, except for soy, are no match for cow’s milk protein The study found that … Read more

Research Finds Connection Between Taste Preferences & Personality

He looked at dozens of existing studies of repeating patterns, and one of his most notable findings was that sensation-seeking people (aka thrill-seekers) tend to prefer spicy foods, and perhaps even sour and crunchy foods, more than those who seek arousal . Act more carefully. He writes that rejuvenation seekers, or those who like to … Read more

How To Make The Viral Green Goddess Salad Even More Nutritious*

Ben Ishai’s recipe also includes a homemade vegan marinade, packed with the flavor of leeks, garlic, more chives, and nutritional yeast — plus the nutrients and bright green tone of fresh spinach. And while we love this combination of delicious, nutrient-packed ingredients, after seeing this recipe take off, we couldn’t help but switch the five-ingredient … Read more

Longtime Phoenix radio host quits job to start mental health podcast | Coronavirus in Arizona

Phoenix (3TV / CBS 5) The highly contagious and rising omicron variant of COVID-19 cases is once again fueling anxiety and stress. As the pandemic continues, more people are making major lifestyle changes to prioritize mental health. For some, this means leaving their jobs. “A lot of people wake up and think, ‘I should do … Read more