Calorie restriction trial reveals key factors in enhancing human health

Decades of research has shown that limits on calorie intake by flies, worms, and mice can enhance life span in laboratory conditions. But whether such calorie restriction can do the same for humans remains unclear. Now a new study led by Yale researchers confirms the health benefits of moderate calorie restrictions in humans — and … Read more

How a focus on nutrition can help you ‘reclaim your rhythm’ this Heart Month

During February, the American Heart Association is urging everyone to “Reclaim Your Rhythm” by focusing attention on improving your physical health and mental well-being. Each week, there will be a different focus on one of the four key pillars of heart health, starting with nutrition. Read: More Heart Month coverage To jump-start your nutrition, the … Read more

Mountain Biker’s Guide to Keto: A Brief Overview of the Low-Carb Diet for Riders

Photo: Flickr Editors note: The study referenced has been summarized to include the most prominent details for brevity. Please click over to the study to read in detail if you like. It should also be said that no single diet is best for everyone and results can vary. The sport of mountain biking is not … Read more

Calorie counting based on a flawed, obsolete science, experts say

By Simon Leo Brown and Annabelle Quince Calorie counting has been the basis of weight-loss programs for more than a century. Photo: 123RF It’s still a popular way to approach losing weight, whether it is keeping below a certain calorie limit on fasting days or using an app to calculate “calories in” versus “calories out”. … Read more

Importance of nutrition for cancer patients highlighted in new report

New research suggests nutrition plays an important role in caring for patients with cancer during and after treatment. File photo. Photo: 123rf A report released by the Cancer Control Agency yesterday noted nutrition was one of the factors which could help prevent cancer. However, University of Otago researche, Dr Rana Peniamina said providing patients with … Read more

The Top Foods To Eat For Sleep, From A Comprehensive New Review

In the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics review, authors speculate that it could be because plant-based diets support the production of serotonin and melatonin—two hormones that are essential in the sleep-wake cycle. The gut-brain connection could also be at play. There’s some fascinating emerging research to show that the microbes in our gut … Read more

Gorse protein could rival tofu in search for meat alternatives

The wild gorse, a thorny, unassuming shrub with yellow flowers found across the UK, can be turned into a tofu-like product and used to feed millions of people, according to an expert. Scientists are trying hard to identify new sources of non-animal proteins because they are better for the environment and more sustainable. Proteins made … Read more

$12 minimum wage, legal lemonade stands, students’ mental health days

Illinois’ minimum wage will rise to $12 an hour, criminal justice reform will continue to update police standards, public housing residents will be able to keep pets, and students can soon go through mental health days without a doctor’s note. Also, soon schools can’t discriminate based on hairstyles, Juneteenth will become a paid holiday, and … Read more

In Northbrook, a year of stewardship, supporting mental health, fiscal stability

Editor’s note: The Herald asked Northbrook Village Leader Catherine Sisla her thoughts on 2021 in Northbrook, and possibly looking forward to 2022. And she responded kindly. As I look back in 2021, I am so grateful to everyone who lives, works, and visits us in Northbrook. It is remarkable the dedication our residents and businesses … Read more