Our Health Editor’s Go-To Smoothie Recipe For All Day Energy

Before this powerful green powder hit the market, my favorite green smoothie recipe had always included ginger, turmeric, fiber-packed flax, phytonutrient-rich leafy greens, and cinnamon. Now, Organic Veggies+ checks all of those key ingredient boxes. In addition to these amazing ingredients, the greens powder also contains plant-based digestive enzymes, along with prebiotics and probiotics, to … Read more

3 Endangered Foods & How They Can Affect Your Nutrition Goals

“I went to a village in eastern Turkey where very few farmers were keeping cliques,” Saladino says. One of the world’s oldest domesticated wheat varieties, Emmer has fed ancient Roman and Egyptian communities for thousands of years. “It is the wheat that was consumed by the people who erected Stonehenge,” Saladino notes. “It was an … Read more

Omega-3s Increase Longevity & Help Support The Aging Process*

If it isn’t clear now, omega-3s are superstars in helping us support all areas of our health as we age. *However, the real challenge is to consume enough omega-3s to reach optimal omega-3 status throughout life. While eating two or more servings of fatty fish each week, as recommended by the American Heart Association, is … Read more

You Need Sufficient Vitamin D To Support Your Tooth & Gum Health*

Similar to bone and cartilage, teeth are mineralized organs and minerals (specifically, calcium and phosphate) are used to strengthen enamel through a process called dental mineralization. Similar to its role in supporting strong, healthy bones, vitamin D is involved in the proper mineralization of teeth. * Essential fat-soluble micronutrients help the body absorb calcium and … Read more

The Multi That Makes Reviewers “Feel Good From The Inside Out”

When it comes to choosing the right supplement for you, adding a comprehensive daily multivitamin to your routine is an easy way to support your whole body health by packing essential micronutrients and phytonutrients right from the start. * (Or whatever time works best for you personally.) With a full suite of 33 ingredients (14 … Read more

Study Says Vitamin D Sufficiency Is Tied To Cognitive Health*

Women with increased (ie adequate) levels of vitamin D have better global cognition (i.e. overall cognitive function) and longer attention span, aka attention accuracy. / Ml. In men, adequate levels of vitamin D were also associated with improved attention accuracy. * Thanks to patterns of association between cognitive performance and vitamin D status, researchers have … Read more

What “Complete” Multivitamin Means & How To Tell If You Have One

During an episode of the mindbodygreen podcast, mbg Director of Scientific Affairs Ashley Jordan Ferreira, Ph.D., RDN, advises caution when reading the word “whole” on supplement labels: “Pay attention to that word. Flip your product, and see — do you see vitamins A and C? And E, D, and K? Do you see all eight … Read more