Cutting out this food group just twice a week slashes risk of cancer

Eating less meat could lower your chance of developing cancer, experts have found. Researchers at the University of Oxford say that cutting it out just twice a week, could slash your risk of cancer. The new study suggests that being a low meat-eater, fish-eater (pescatarian) or vegetarian lowers your risk of all cancers. The scientists … Read more

How to reverse your biological age and feel younger

If living a long, healthy life is a goal, there are steps you can take to turn back the clock. In her award-winning research into DNA methylation – the regulation of gene expression, Dr. Kara Fitzgerald has been studying the difference between biological and historical aging, and outlined how people can feel their best for … Read more

Jenna Jameson’s keto diet may have affected Guillain-Barré symptoms

Jenna Jameson’s keto lifestyle may have exacerbated Guillain-Barré’s symptoms, according to a registered dietitian. While the former porn star remains in the hospital as she is recovering from a rare autoimmune disorder, Brigitte Zeitlin told The Post that living on a mostly high-fat, low-carb diet as Jameson does could play a role in her severe … Read more

Does ‘Dry January’ actually improve your health?

For people interested in modern health, the beginning of the new year sometimes means the beginning of a dry January. The month-long public health campaign encourages people to abstain from alcohol as a way to improve wellness. Are there actual health benefits that you can gain from dry January? For the most part, experts say … Read more

The battles of the sexes begins in the womb: study

Scientists now say that life’s proverbial “sex battle” really begins in the womb – where the genes of father and mother fight over how much nourishment a fetus should receive. University of Cambridge researchers made the findings while investigating why some babies struggle to grow properly in the womb, according to their new study published … Read more

‘It was the right decision’

This couple decided to wait a moment before tying the knot – only the moment they waited was too short. TikTok creators Trey Bell, 20, and Clara Bell, 18, recently went viral because they got kicked out in October — after just two weeks of dating. However, the newlyweds feel that giving their relationship half … Read more

‘Don’t ask about my uterus’

Raising children is a full-time job – and a handful of happy, brilliant professional women don’t want to be interviewed for this position. “Never ask a woman about her womb,” Dr. Tasha Coleman, 45, told The Post, referring to the constant inquiries she and other childless women receive after deciding to postpone or give up … Read more

Reality TV star strikes gold with $50,000 a week fart scheme

This is a fart deal. The reality TV star is making waves on social media after letting her make more than $50,000 a week by selling her stomach bulges to strangers. Currently there is a video detailing her smelly bustle and has 6.6 million views. “I thought farts were very specialized, but also something fun, … Read more

Sneaky plastic surgeries used by celebs to look better than you

Do you think today’s little celebs are almost flawless? Maybe not just in your head. Famous Instagram star Dana Omari dedicates her mission to outing the stars due to delicate plastic surgery procedures. Her account IGFamousByDana, which currently has more than 200,000 followers, posts side-by-side photos of celebrities, models and reality stars, often accompanied by … Read more