5 Diabetes diet myths you need to be aware of

As much as diabetes has become a prevailing disease and health condition around us, the misrepresentations and fallacies that have clouded society in a number of ways and manners. It has now become difficult to know what is an accurate advice on the disease or a harmful stigma about it. It can be confusing how … Read more

Six easy ways to stay sharp and young in midlife and beyond

From the keto diet to the Mediterranean diet, we are constantly being bombarded with new ways of eating which promise to make us fitter, healthier, smarter or skinnier. But now a new calculator, created by researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway, claims to be able to reveal how following an ‘optimal’ diet could … Read more

How to make your diet more sustainable, healthy or cheap — without giving up nutrients

People choose certain foods or change their diets for a range of reasons: to improve their health, lose weightsave money or due to concerns about sustainability or the way food is produced. Consider the trend towards low-fat products in the 1980s and low-carb diets in the 1990s, and now, the rise in plant-based protein products … Read more

Did you grow up in the 80s or 90s? How to ditch your messed-up mindset when it comes to food

If you came of age in the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll no doubt recall the bonkers diet culture of that era. The Beverly Hills Diet, first published in 1981, espoused eating only grapes on a Tuesday, while the Cabbage Soup Diet – well, you can probably guess. Meanwhile we were also encouraged to exercise to … Read more

‘Dark’ Chocolate Promote Good Health

Chocolate is love! Whether it’s on your happy times or when you’re feeling blue, the excellent blend of milk, sugar and cocoa is good enough to soothe you in every mood. For anyone who is losing weight or doing fitness, milk chocolate is absolutely delicious. When we say it’s falsely delicious, we’re referring to its … Read more

7 Nutritious foods that can help ease your anxiety

Do you always find yourself anxious and stressed on multiple occasions? Then you go back to either alcohol, smoking, or even binge eating? While the first two don’t help reduce anxiety, food may. But not just any food like processed carbohydrates like sausages and burgers but healthy and nutritious food. While people think healthy food … Read more

Why People Who Eat This Carb After Noon Struggle To Lose Weight

While there should not be completely “no” foods in a balanced diet, there is a direct link between some foods – especially when eaten at a certain time of the day – and weight gain. One such item is a common breakfast item that many of us with a sweet tooth might be tempted to … Read more

Three easy ways to eat your 30 a week

We have long been told to eat five meals a day for better health, but recently the focus has shifted to eating a variety of plant-based foods, not least because they are essential to gut health. Renowned gut experts Professor Tim Spector and Dr. Megan Rossi recommend eating 30 different plant foods per week to … Read more

Beat Winter Food Cravings With These Healthy Food Options, Nutritionist Recommends

Fresh baked chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven, hot pakodas, hot chocolate or a hot cup of tea/coffee. These nutrients are some of the things we often associate with winter and the cold rainy season. Many of us owe our excess consumption of these types of foods to cold and cravings. But … Read more

The best brain foods you’re not eating

It’s time to start feeding your brain. For years, research on healthy eating has focused primarily on physical health and the relationship between diet, weight, and chronic disease. But the emerging field of nutritional psychiatry is studying how foods can make us feel. “A lot of people think about food in terms of their waistline, … Read more