Thousands go on NHS ‘soup and shake’ diet to help them lose weight after success of trials 

Thousands are going on the NHS diet to help them lose weight after successful trials Tens of thousands of obese Britons will be prescribed soup and diet meals to help them slim. The extreme scheme came after an experiment that found people threw more than two stones in three months Patients who are overweight will … Read more

‘Natural’ supplements athletes take to boost performance can be harmful, cardiologists warn

Athletes who take “natural” supplements to give them a competitive advantage today cautioned, because misusing them can be harmful. The European Society of Cardiology said An increasing number of athletes are using untested products — containing substances like caffeine and creatine — to boost performance. Although legal, food products are often not subject to strict … Read more

Cunningly low carb comfort food: Cutting back on carbohydrates isn’t so hard

Once you’ve committed to losing weight, you know you’ll have to stay away from sugary sweets, say “no” to cookies and chocolate, and eat a lot less than you’re used to. Nobody says dieting is easy. The good news is that I used the latest scientific insights about appetite and fat metabolism to create a … Read more

From potato to pea, are the trendy new milks healthy or harmful? 

Sales of plant-based dairy have recently been on the rise, as a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to dairy milk, resulting in an industry worth almost £400 million annually. But this week, Professor Ian Givens, director of the Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health at the University of Reading, warned that it may not … Read more

Oat and almond milk could cause people to miss out on essential nutrients, warns food expert 

Trendy dairy alternatives like oat and almond milk may risk the health of teenage girls who may be missing out on essential nutrients, food expert warns Professor Ian Givens said that vegetarian diets mean a loss of essential nutrients Milk alternatives, except for soy, are no match for cow’s milk protein The study found that … Read more

Nutritionist analyses the most popular diets of 2021, including vegan, keto and paleo

A nutritionist has issued her verdict on five of the most popular diets to reveal which ones really keep you healthy. Kate Llewellyn Waters, award-winning London-based nutritionist and author of The Immunity Cookbook, breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of the vegan, ketogenic, alkaline, and Mediterranean diets. They’re all among the most tagged diets on … Read more

Requiring restaurants to display calories forces them to make dishes healthier, researchers find 

A new study shows that requiring restaurants to include details of calories and nutrition on menus forces them to prepare healthy meals with fewer calories. The UK government has made calorie labeling mandatory for pubs, restaurants and cafes in England with more than 250 employees from April next year. A similar policy has been federally … Read more