Sweet-tooth nation: Average person overindulges on junk food 3 nights a week

New York – Do you give your sweet tooth “going into the hall” after a day of good behavior? A new survey finds that many Americans believe that eating healthy food during the day gives them permission to binge on unhealthy foods at night.

A recent survey of 2,004 US residents indicates that the average person binges on unhealthy food three nights a week. Six in 10 (62%) feel they always sacrifice more taste than nutritional value when it comes to healthy snacks.

Others go with the flow and wait until their cravings start to set in. 41 percent say their cravings start in the middle of the afternoon, while 19 percent will typically seek a treat after dinner. Aside from eating other meals, snacks are essential for 83 percent of people who admit to eating at least two meals a day.

Americans are constantly chewing

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Lundberg Family Farms, the survey also showed that 69 percent would prefer snacking throughout the day rather than eating full, hearty meals. Another 65 percent feel guilty about eating throughout the day.

Most respondents agree that nutritious snacks are better than no snacks at all (79%). However, more than half of them make a conscious choice of health treatments (56%). Three out of four say they try to make healthier choices by paying attention to nutritional facts and product health claims when shopping for snacks.

“While the data shows that Americans struggle to find healthy snacks that taste good, taste and nutrition shouldn’t be separated from one another,” Matt Slim, culinary scientist and rice expert at Lundberg Family Farms, says in a statement. “Choosing the right snack means you can see the benefits of healthy eating, such as maintaining energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day, without having to sacrifice taste.”

To add more flavor to their desserts, people incorporate cheese or maple (39%), and others enhance the natural flavors by roasting citrus fruits or adding salt to fruit (35%). Snack lovers note that snacks never go out of style because they always have snacks on hand after buying in bulk (34%).

Can’t touch this

And snack shoppers are good at hiding their meals, too. Even more than a third of respondents admitted that they hide good snacks that they do not want to share with others by placing them above cupboards (36%), while 34% keep a secret stockpile in their cupboard. When they’re in the mood to share, people are happy to share their snacks with their significant other (53%), their kids (48%), or friends (38%).

“Snacking shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of,” Slim adds. “It’s not just about feeding yourself or your family today – you can also start forming healthy habits for tomorrow. You can have your cake and eat it too by choosing snacks that nourish your taste buds and your body.”

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