Supplements: Dr Zoe shares the ones ‘we should all be taking’ including vitamin D

From vitamin C to vitamin D, the advice on the must-take tablets can be often conflicting. What’s more, evidence spotlighting potentially harmful side effects linked to the supplements has been emerging in recent years. On ITV’s This Morning, Dr Zoe helps to solve the dilemma by recommending the top supplements “we should all be taking”.

Referring to a news article looking into supplementation, Dr Zoe said: “Britin spends around 442 million pounds every year on vitamin and mineral supplements.

“Most people are wasting a lot of money because a lot of these vitamins and tablets shouldn’t be taken by the typical person.

“So, single nutrients like magnesium and zinc – we don’t need to take them, most of us.

“We are getting the nutrients from our diets.”

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The TV doctor continued: “If you are calcium and magnesium at the same time, they compete to be taking absorbed, so you’re probably not getting the best.

“Let’s focus on what we all should be taking.

“The NHS recommends that we all take vitamin D supplements between the months of October and March.”

In case you’re not aware, vitamin D is an essential nutrient that has various functions in your body, from keeping bones and muscles healthy to supporting immunity.


The reason why this nutrient needs to be supplemented during the winter months is because of its synthesis process.

Between late March till October, your body is able to create this vitamin organically from spending time in the sunshine, according to the NHS.

As you need 10 micrograms of vitamin D daily, you might need extra help in the form of tablets to boost your levels.

However, some people are recommended to take this vitamin all year around, Dr Zoe shared.

“People who are vegan should take multivitamin that’s designed for people who are vegan.

“And beyond that, unless it’s been recommended or there’s a specific need such as iron, which is quite common.

“Particularly, women who have heavy periods, may need to top up with iron – that should be taken with vitamin C to help you absorb it.”

However, outside of these groups and apart from vitamin D, the doctor doesn’t encourage taking other supplements. Her final message was: “Throw away the rest.”

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