Study reveals the grim extent of Milan’s injury problems compared to rivals

The frightening and farcical nature of AC Milan’s injury problems since the start of last season has been illustrated in an in-depth study.

Radio Rossonera took a look at Milan’s problems and started counting the number of games players from the top five clubs in the league had missed since the start of the 2020-21 season. The total number of games Milan has missed is 377, which is 100 more than the second in this standings in Naples.

Napoli is the team most affected by Covid with 55 matches missing due to positive players while Inter, Milan and Juventus are almost the same with 38, 38 and 37 respectively.

Then the report mentions non-muscular injuries, ie traumatic and inflammatory injuries, tendons, ligaments and bones. Milan progresses here thanks to Ante Ribet’s elbow, ankle and hip problems, Abra’s knee and Achilles tendon, Gabia’s collateral ligament, Blesari’s bilateral patellar tendinopathy and Mignan’s wrist. data below.

Rossoneri . Radio Incident Analysis

Then there are the muscular problems, as Milan trailed in 187 games they missed, which is very clear as are Atalanta and Inter while Juventus are 30 games behind in total.

Rossoneri . Radio Incident AnalysisThe names of those who have had muscle problems for Milan and the amount of time they have spent are as follows: Bennacer (22 missed matches), Ibra (19), Kier (14), Calabria (12), Romagnoli (12), Liao. (12) and Rebek (8).

Interestingly, 52% of the mylan problems appear to be from flexor problems while 21% have calf problems with a total of 73%, a value very close to being able to conclude that mylan problems relate to these two specific parts.

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