Start your day — and year — off with this nutrition-packed Super Green Smoothie

Every year after the holidays, we are flooded with information about our health, diet and exercise. There are dozens and dozens of weight loss ads, emails, and social media posts. Not to mention the gym membership deals circulating every January.

Maybe it’s all driven by binge eating in November and December. Or a new year’s resolution. Or simply, a fresh start at the beginning of a new year; An opportunity to right the things we intend to do better in our lives.

Some experts say New Year’s resolutions simply don’t work, or at least when they relate to losing weight and improving diet and exercise. Apparently, it takes a real lifestyle change to be successful.

It stands to reason that when we make changes to diet and exercise, but go back to our old ways, it will be very difficult to maintain our progress.

However, there are subtle changes we can make, and really live with. Maybe we can pile on some small changes and before we know it, we’re evolving and actually changing the things that affect our health, weight, and lifestyle in a very moving way.

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