Sexist Legal Loophole Leaves UK Women’s Soccer Teams Vulnerable to Crazed Fans

Sam Care

picture: Warren Little (Getty Images)

Last Thursday, an amazing clip started making the rounds on WoSo (Women’s football) Twitter. Show previous video NWSL The current Chelsea star and player, Sam Care Giving a cute love flick to a fan who rushed onto the field and slammed him in the ass. It was an amazing sight made even more adorable by other fans who were shouting, “Wanker!” Kerr was hit with a yellow card by the referees, and in the end, the man who rushed onto the field was politely escorted. Although it was a pleasure to watch Kerr’s business, the video left a bad aftertaste all over the world. How exactly was it possible for a fan to limp in a stadium in the middle of a match and not be immediately confronted by security?

If this was a men’s game, one fan would have to hit top speed to get close to any player. However, this guy was wandering around the stadium almost without any interference He portrays himself all the time. If Christian Pulisic had been on the field, playing for Chelsea’s men’s team, that fan would have been arrested and fined up to £1,000, according to the athlete. He was likely jolted by fans at the local pub after the game to put a finger on Captain America football. The UK Football Crimes Act states that it is “an offense for any person at a particular football match to go into the playing area, or any area adjacent to the playing area which spectators are generally not permitted to enter, without lawful authority or excuse”. .

So why doesn’t this guy face any consequences for his actions (other than getting him banned from attending matches)? Because “specific football matches” do not include Women’s professional matches. Athletic reports:

According to the Football (Offences) (Designation of Football Matches) Ordinance, amended in 2011, a specified match is “a football match of an association in which one or both of the participating teams represents a club which is for the time being a member (whether a full member or Affiliate) in the Football League, the Football Association Premier League, the Football Conference [the Scottish Football League or the Welsh Premier League, or whose home ground is for the time being situated outside England and Wales,] or representing a country or territory.

In addition, women’s matches are not even attended by the police, according to this report, unless there are previously known credible threats. Despite the incompetence of the police, players and their fans are basically left to figure things out for themselves. This is another insult to the international women’s game. theThe UK sprinter is paying top dollar to secure the world’s best talent, including Sam Kerr who has been penalized for ensuring the safety of her teammates and opponents, but no one remembers amending the law to protect those same players. I expected this kind of supervision from US football, who can give a shit About what happens to women’s teams, but it is especially offensive that a country that worships the beautiful game is behind the ball.

As a direct result of The Athletic’s report, MPs have introduced legislation to include women’s matches in the law, but until then everyone will only have to hope Sam Kerr is close the next time there’s a problem.


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