Selena Gomez Launches Mental Health Platform Wondermind

Pop star Selena Gomez is working with her mother, Mandy Teefe, on a new mental health platform alongside Wondermind’s Daniela Pearson, to launch the website this week. The site provides people with access to supportive and community content about mental health issues. The three women wrote this message to their followers:

All of us have experienced our own mental health struggles, and we have realized that there is no inclusive, enjoyable and easy place where people can come together to explore, discuss and deal with their feelings. So we created it. Welcome to Wondermind.

The site states that going to therapy is important and beneficial, but compares a visit to Wondermind to going to the gym between personal training sessions except for your brain.

“Mental fitness is a daily commitment,” she explains. “The more you exercise, the better you feel – just like working out. We give you easy ways to do it via our daily content.”

In a promotional video about the project, Gomez says, “I want there to be a place where people come together and understand that they are not alone.”

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“Being vulnerable and asking for help is one of the most terrifying things in the world,” Gomez adds. “It takes a lot of courage and courage.”

All three women shared their struggles with mental health, with Tiffy saying she was misdiagnosed before she found out she had ADHD, and Pearson saying she had been dealing with OCD her whole life.

Gomez admitted, “I understand what it’s like to be confused and don’t really understand what these feelings and emotions are coming from… I live with bipolar disorder – I don’t have it anymore. I’m really happy and proud of the progress I’ve made.”

The content on the site will vary from diary exercises, general discussions, and even a podcast covering mental health issues. You can visit Wondermind here.

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