See Ice-T and Coco’s Daughter Chanel Teach Her Grandma How to Twerk

ice tea And Coco Austindaughter Chanel You just got a new title: Dance Coach!

While celebrating the day after Thanksgiving with her extended family, the 5-year-old took time to teach her grandmother, Tina AustinHow she dances with a little help from her cousin.

In a hilarious Instagram story posted on Friday, November 26, Coco Chanel was photographed showing her grandmother how to lower her knees and rock her buttocks to a fanciful rhythm. When Coco asked her what she was doing, Chanel happily replied: “twerking!”

Coco’s sudden reaction can be heard from behind the camera. “Twerking? You teach mom how to dance?” She asked.

When a fellow cousin joins in to help provide an “easy tutorial,” the trio quickly winds up with their hands and feet on the floor trying to recreate the dance move while Coco films and tries to contain her amusement.

“Oh my God,” Coco said. “That’s what you do when the family ends. Oh my God.”

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