Saweetie Talks Mental Health and Future Self-Care Plans

Saweetie is known for releasing back-to-back hit songs and giving spanking shows. While the “My Type” singer is currently going through a year full of looks – including her racy life SNL Performance – Saweetie revealed recently, in an interview with the peopleHer busy schedule brings its own set of mental health challenges.

At the moment, Saweetie is just trying to find the balance now, as she helps her small team while also working in the entertainment business. Until 2022, she plans to continue screaming through her schedule. “I work a lot, so I’m just trying to get into it until the New Year,” she said. The rapper said “best friend” the people Her schedule is so busy that she doesn’t have time to meet her friends.

While she is grateful to the people who acknowledged her hard work, the “Icy Grl” singer can’t ignore the toll her success has taken. “I feel like I’m running on the floor right now, and my body just isn’t feeling comfortable,” she said. “I’ve had mental breakdowns and it’s very stressful.” The pressure definitely falls on the “Tap In” rapper, who is striving to earn two B.Scs in her life: balance and billionaire. Achieving both BS will include continuing to play music while caring for the people who are important to her.

The future of mental health for Saweetie

Although it is short on time, Saweetie Do Make time to meditate and pray when you are able. Fortunately, Saweetie is spending the upcoming Tropical Christmas vacation where she plans to “take a deep breath and de-stress.”

In the future, Saweetie plans to use the billions she expects to “build schools and help people in communities like [her]. “In addition, she wants to use her personal experience with stress as music to develop what she describes as a resort for other public figures, including athletes, celebrities and artists, so that their mental health is properly taken care of.” “We work a lot and mental health is important because if we are not healthy, then we cannot work and if we cannot work, then there is no music.”

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