Saved by the Bell EP Wants to Return to Malibu Sands, Bring Leah Remini Back as Stacey Carosi for Season 3

the new Save him by ringing the bell You may not be able to afford Stacey Carosi recoveryBut what about Stacey Karusi in the flesh?

During the season two finale of The Peacock Revival, which fell on Wednesday, a never-before-seen montage of Jesse/Slater moments — more on that. college years Scene here – Slater culminates in a reference to the beloved character Lea Remini from the OG’ Malibu Sands arc series. Shortly thereafter, DeVante of Douglas Transplant told his girlfriend Nadia that he would love to stay in Bayside for “Two more years, maybe even spending the summer at the beach club. ”

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With the current new chapter (not to be confused with who – which new class) Already in the junior year it would be to spend a season – or even half a season – at the beach club One A way to slow things down, should Peacock decide to renew the revival for a third season and beyond.

“Since I first did the show, it’s always been on my mind,” Executive Producer Tracy Wigfield told TVLine when asked about the possibility of returning to Malibu Sands. “I think we’ve done a good job, when we have OG actors or guest guests from the original, using them in a meaningful way and not just having them come back and say a line. And I saw in the press that Lea Remini said she wanted to do the show, which would be my dream. So I’d like to I make her… do an arc where, apparently, she now owns Malibu Sands, and has taken possession of it as the daughter of Mr. Karusi.”

NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection - Credit: NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection – Credit: NBC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

NBC/Courtesy: The Everett Group

As far as revisiting other Organo Gold SBTB Wigfield says she’d love the revival to reach Aloha State, the way Saved by the bell: Hawaiian style. “Just like they did on the old show, we’d probably go there for a day to shoot outdoor scenes,” she says. “Everything else is just, you know, in Santa Monica, but we’re ignoring the sidewalk in the background.”

Rimini recently met Gosselaar on Save him by ringing the bell Rewatch the podcast zak to the future To discuss her sixth and final appearance on the original series – Season 3, Episode 12: “The Last Weekend”.

“I take Save him by ringing the bellAnd what’s been funny for so long in my career – [I had done] Live dolls, cheers, friends People will say: I loved you Save him by ringing the bell, “And they still do!” Remini said. “I’ve done 207 episodes of king of queens, and people say, “Yes, yes, king of queens, but Save him by ringing the bell. “

Gosselaar was also involved in the summer romance of Zack and Stacey.

“There is an undeniable harmony between you and me that we have seen,” Gosselaar told Rimini, referring to re-watching the entire Malibu Sands arc. “Tiffany [Thiessen] And I didn’t get a kiss like a kiss in those six episodes. Not a single person Zack deals with, in my opinion, has chemistry [like] It was you and me.”

Would you like to see Remini back in profile Save him by ringing the bell A franchise for a possible third season of The Peacock Revival?

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