Rochester’s Jamie Vardy: MLS NEXT Pro can create success stories like mine

RNY FC will be one of 21 clubs for the inaugural season beginning March 2022, as MLS NEXT Pro looks to introduce additional independent clubs to the league in 2023 and beyond.

“We want to play the best young players out there,” he said of RNY FC, formerly Rochester Rhinos, who became co-owner earlier this year. “We want to win, and in order to do that we need to make sure we’re at our game and we also want to develop the players. We don’t just want them to stay with us, we want to make sure they’re giving their best and that wins games for us, but then there’s a bigger and better team looking To our players, we move to watch them succeed in their careers.

“We want to train them and make them better, but we’re doing that so they can move forward and maybe change their lives.”

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